Visa On Arrival Airport Fees

Completely different with the Vietnam visa fee at Embassy/Consulate, Vietnam visa on arrival fees is published on the website. However, each of the websites has their own services fees. On this page, we’re going to show you visa on arrival fee provided by Vietdream travel. There are 2 type of visa fees: service fee and stamp fee.

  1. Services fee pay for us to handle and submit your visa application to the Immigration Department in Vietnam. You need to pay after confirming your visa application on our page. Also, we’re using Paypal – the most reliable transaction online system.
  2. Stamp fee is regulated by Vietnamese Government. After submitting your visa approval letter with original passport to officers on arrival airport, you have to pay this fee to get the visa sticker onto your passport.

The visa stamp fee are regulated as below:

  • 25 USD for a single entry visa.
  • 50 USD for a 1 month or 3 months multiple entry visa.
  • 95 USD for a 6 months multiple entry visa.
  • 135 USD for a 1-year multiple entry visa.


  • Children who have their own passport HAVE TO pay the same fees as adult.
  • You can exchange your current currency and pay for visa stamping fee at Vietnam airport when you do not have any USD.

Vietnam visa service fees

(Unit: USD/Pax)
VISA TYPE Vietnam tourist visa service fee Stamping Fee
Normal (Guaranteed 3 working days) Urgent (Guaranteed 4-8 hours) Emergency (30-45 minutes )
1 month single entry $15 +$20 +$80 $25
3 months single entry $20 +$20 +$80 $25
1 month multiple entry $17 +$20 +$80 $50
3 months multiple entry $30 +$20 +$80 $50
VISA TYPE Vietnam business visa service fee Stamping Fee
Normal (Guaranteed 4 working days) Urgent (02 working days) Emergency (01 working day )
1 month single entry $50 +$20 +$70 $25
3 months single entry $70 +$20 +$70 $25
1 month multiple entries $55 +$20 +$70 $50
3 months multiple entries $80 +$20 +$70 $50
6 months multiple entries n/a n/a n/a $95
1 year multiple entries n/a n/a n/a $135

During the weekend or Vietnam public holiday, Immigration Department only solves the tourist visa. Also the visa service fee is higher.

VISA TYPE Immgerency visa to Vietnam on the weekend or Vietnam public holiday Stamping Fee
Processing time 45 minutes
1 month single entry $230 $25
3 months single entry n/a $25
1 month multiple entries n/a $50
3 months multiple entries n/a $50

We really recommend you apply for a visa before 13 Pm by local time. Applicant after this time, we will solve it the day after or you may have to pay extra for an urgent fee.

Note: Vietnam visa on arrival service fees are not equal for all the nations around the world but you can check it on our application tool

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